Quantum Healing


Quantum Healing Group

What if you could build your resilience, health and wellbeing safely at home through joining a Quantum Healing Group?

Join a community of like-minded people, committed to doing what they can to maintain and build their own health in the face of this unprecedented pandemic.

For an explanation about Quantum Healing groups from my trainer and founder of No Hands Massage, please watch the video at the following link:  https://nohandsmassage.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/32.  At this link, you can also book access to the materials required for the 6 week induction course. 

What you get

Coupled with your weekly live sessions with your Quantum Healing Facilitator this product gives you all the resources you need to make the most of your own Quantum Healing Group. It includes:

  • Practical training videos on different ways to meditate
  • Explanations of the theory behind each aspect of your group
  • Recorded meditations you can use even before your group starts
  • Psycho-education from a recognised Psychotherapy Trainer on core human interaction models
  • A private Facebook group to share your experiences with other participants across the globe 

...and much more.

Not only will the 6-week induction programme give you a complete experience of being in a Quantum Healing Group, you'll also learn skills and knowledge you can apply in every aspect of your life.

What's covered each week?

The 6-week induction training covers all the aspects of a safe, successful and powerful Quantum Healing Group:

Week 1: Introductions, Safeties & Group Agreements

Week 2: The Structure of each session, the Namaste Bow, How to 'Intend', using the 4 Breaths

Week 3: How to Track Resilience & using the 3 Primal Movements

Week 4: Music & Prosody, the Visualisations, who we intend for

Week 5: Making communication safe & effective 

Week 6: Closing well & next steps

Each week there will be space to feedback on how the group is going for you and ask questions. You will also do four weeks of the healing intention meditation.  

So what does the Quantum Healing Induction training cost?

Total cost is £99.99.  This is a cost of £9.99 for access to the materials payable to 

Then £90 for the six online induction sessions with myself your facilitator.  

Regular Quantum Healing Groups

Following completion of the induction group, you will then be able to join a regular quantum healing group.